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Are you over the age of 50 and considering buying an Annuity in the next 60 days? I have some important news for you. Don’t buy an Annuity until you understand the pros and cons of Annuities.

Call now for this FREE book on maximizing your income in retirement: Annuities Do’s and Don’ts for Baby Boomers from leading financial firm, JD Mellberg.

That’s right, FREE!

This book reveals little-known truths about Annuities and simple to understand terms. Grab a pen right now because we are about to offer you this FREE book that unlocks the 5 little-known truths we believe Baby Boomers and Seniors should know before buying an annuity, and it’s FREE!

As a bonus, we will also throw in a free Annuity rate report. We researched the newest products and summarized the rates and benefits of Annuities, all from Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company. Call now!

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If you’ve heard or seen great offers but easily forgot that number, we can provide it to you in absolutely no time. So stop trying to remember that number forever, contact us today!

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